Confirmed L App Reviews

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Great idea.. needs fix

I have an older model iPhone to cop and the challenge it does before the drop doesn't fit on my screen I have to scroll up to see the remaining 3 tiles. Please fix

Outdated Practice

Adidas Confirmed is no longer using these pictures. It’s a waste of time or money.

Amazing but suggestion

Please add more options during the practice besides dog, skateboard, and jump rope. That would be elite

This app is amazing

Help me practice for the real thing!


This app will bring enormous help to you on every release. Please give full credit to this app for all your successful yeezy purchases in the future ! A1 app !!


This app is not really friendly with the iphone5 which makes it hard to practice for the drop on saturday could you please fix this?


App is fully up to date with the adidas Confirmed app. Update includes new tips, image captcha, and captcha training mode.

Great app

Love this app. Guaranteed to cop after a few practice runs with this sim.

App Crashes: Total Waste of Money

After downloading this app, and paying the dollar that it costs, I tried to set it up and started to go through the tutorial. When I got to the end of the tutorial, where it simulated a buy and had me tap the image, the app crashed. I tried going through the tutorial about 5 more times with it crashing at the same exact time each time. I then gave up and got rid of the app. Total waste of money.

Needs work

This app makes no sense from the new update. You are meant to tap not todo captcha. The whole point of copping yeezys is to tap a circle really fast. The name of this app also is L confirmed, so I'm guessing they made it for you too take a L. Also, don't leave the confirm app 30 seconds before. It will not let you go back in.

Great Idea!

Gives you tips to maximize your chances of reserving your pair of yeezys on the confirmed app. Includes a feature that helps you increase your image recognition. Really cool app :)

Horrible App

It out dated and it's nothing like the new system.

Could not cop

I did everything this app asked me to do. I put it on airplane mode and even reset adidas confirmed at the 30 second mark. After restarting it, I come back to the app, and instead of having a countdown it says, "Reservations open at 4:00" and it was already 4:00. The countdown was gone, not letting me know when to cop. I'm not completely blaming the app but while u did what I was told, I didn't even get to tap the "Reservations" button.


This app tells you to tap uncontrollably but in the real app you need to tap on the picture they tell you to. This app makes you take an L! No one download and if you don't listen to this that's your fault. I'm so triggered rn so if someone wanna talk abt this add me on snap: mattob68


app is trash, do not restart app on confirmed or u get L


do not trust this app. You are confirmed an L if you do. DO NOT RESTART APP


This app sabotaged me. It says close the app 30secs left. I did just that and when I tried opening the app, the time disappeared. Should've just left it open a minute before it was released.

Don't listen

This app is trash it made me take an L don't restart the app

Do not download

I would give it a zero star if I can. I listened to the app by reloading confirmed app at 30 seconds and the timer didn't even show up. I lost any chance at even trying to get the yeezy cream white.

Ne🅱️er taking L's

this app has prepared fine for the 1:1 succ😂💪🏾😩💦💯👌🏾🤑

Good Idea

I like this concept, make an update for the Footlocker, Champs, and Footaction app.

Needs improvement

Nothing like the actual confirmed drops. On confirmed drops , the back button might accidentally take you to the back screen if your finger slides a little bit while you're tapping which has caused me to miss out on reserving a few times. Plus, the tap button is higher on this app than the real app. Finally, the quality of this app compared to the real app is soo crappy. Obviously, I don't expect real app quality but this app's quality is just horrendous.

Ma Gawd

My dick got stuck on the charging port, instructions are too challenging and this is what happened.


Total waste of time. The tutorial at the beginning is required to use the app, and a few minutes in you have to complete a challenge where you have to tap a small button well over a hundred times in 5 seconds. It is impossible with your hands, I've tried. bs


it was cool, and gave you some good tips, but i just cant get passed the part where you have to press the full button in 5 seconds

Best app ever

Love it

Not working

Not working on the iPhone plus


Totally useless


Alex Jones made a video recently where he uses this app just in time to cop some Yeezy's before Trump's inauguration. 10/10 #FakeNews

Ls for days but this app is a W

This app is super authentic. I get the same result as the legit Confirmed app. Ls all day.

Practice makes perfect

Thank you so much for developing this app. It really helped me today and your techniques really worked. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and helping people out.

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